Writing A Term Paper On Violence: How To Get A Top Mark

Writing an essay on a subject such as violence requires that you do the necessary research and use as many points of view that you can, instead of just using one point of view. This will help your term paper look more scholarly. Here are some tips that you can use for scoring a top mark.

  • Do your homework: This means that you need to put in the necessary research in order to make your term paper stand out. Even if you have a certain point of view on the subject of violence, you should still put other points of view in perspective. For instance, do some study on particularly violent wars and riots from history, look up violent prison conditions, psychology of criminals, mob mentality, etc.
  • Read other people’s dissertations: You might find other people’s thesis work or dissertations on violence very helpful for your own research. There are scholars and psychologists who have spent years studying and writing a final thesis on the nature of violence and its effects. You can find such papers in your local library, or you can contact universities or archives personally for their copies. These viewpoints will definitely give your essay an edge over others.
  • Cause and Effect: This is a good point of view to have while exploring the subject of ‘violence’. If you are able to discuss the various causes and consequent effects of violence, your paper will come across as the kind of academic writing which sounds strong and believable.
  • Logical arguments: No matter what your take is on violence and its various effects, you need to be able to maintain a logical argument and supply your opinions with relevant examples and enough references, so that it doesn’t come across as just your personal monologue.
  • Ask for help from freelance writers: If you have some money to spare, employing the help of a freelance writer might also come in handy. The best way to go about this is to conduct most of the research and homework yourself and for a nominal fee you can employ a professional freelance writer to help you compose the paper so that the essay reads well.
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As stated above, the two main things to remember if you want to score a top mark for your paper on violence are to study historical cases and maintain a logical flow of thought - ideally one of cause and effect.