Against Gun Control Essay: How to Write One

Gun control has been a very crucial topic for a long time now. People who are anti-gun control insist that gun ownership is a constitutional right supported by the Second Amendment. The pro-gun supporters believe that you should be able to buy and own any firearm. They also think that gun laws only limit law-abiding citizens. While anti-gun control supporters believe that guns are the mainstay to crime. They believe that firearm laws aid in keeping guns off the street and discourages crime.

Over time there have been several arguments against gun control because people think they should not be punished due to the choices other people are making with guns. People have taken advantage of certain laws that have been passed on gun control. There are several stances on gun control by prominent people, this paper will teach you how to write a paper against gun control.

First of all, it is important to adopt policies that reduce crime rate because reducing crime will increase the efficiency of agencies in society. Solving the crime and prosecuting criminals will not be difficult. Banning personal firearms is not justified. As many people have said, “Guns do not kill people, people kill people,” so the question is do we need gun control?

Against Gun Control – A Sample Paper

About half of the country’s population is against gun control, to some people gun control is an issue while to others it is not an issue. While adding more laws to the gun control policy will reduce the crime rate, people should be able to protect themselves from local criminals or vicious attacks. At the same time, some people abuse their rights to firearms, an issue the regulating bodies should look into. The second amendment protects everyone who has a firearm, but a stronger gun control law is required to protect women from domestic abusers and stalkers, it will also reduce the suicide rate. Even though some people believe that a stricter gun control law is a stab to the second amendment, the law should be implemented.

If stricter laws are placed on guns, citizens will rest assured of safety. Communities will be safer and people will not have any fear for their lives related to guns. Pro-gun control believes that gun control will deter repeat crime offenders because everyone will be questioned and a background check will be run on them before they can buy guns. The loophole is that these firearms can be easily acquired from a black-market.

Against Gun Control or For Gun Control? Pros and Cons Gun Control Laws

By imposing gun control laws on citizens, the Government is breaking its promise to protect citizen’s rights. Gun control infringes upon the freedom to own guns for hunting or any sporting activities. An increase in gun control would not solve the issue of violence as guns are not the real problem that needs to be addressed.

Most people believe that banning guns will significantly influence the reduction of violence. The truth is the ban of guns will fail to prevent violence as criminals know where to get firearms if they cannot get them legally. The solution the government should be looking at is to educate citizens instead of taking away their guns.

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