Paragraphs in an Essay

No rule says essays should have many paragraphs. However, if you want your essay to look good, it has to have a maximum number of blocks. To use your topic, write three to five paragraphs or buy essay online and use it as an example. Anything less than that is unprofessional. Your essay should have three parts; the introduction, main body, and the conclusion. If you are required to write a one-page essay, you are required to use one paragraph for each. On one page, you can write 250 words and three blocks.

Determinants of the Number of Paragraphs in An Essay

The number of words you have to use will tell the paragraphs you need to use. A block should contain a maximum of 200 words. Undergraduate essays vary from 1500-2000 words, while college admission essays are from 200-650 words. By using 100-200 words per paragraph, you can know the appropriate number of blocks to use.

Adequacy of the Topic

Your topic will also determine the number of paragraphs you require in your essay. You should have many blocks to write on the subject. There is a relativity inadequacy. Decide on the depth of your topic. If your discussion is in-depth, you will need more paragraphs.

Development of the Topic and Organization

The development of your topic can affect your essay’s number of paragraphs. If you decide to go with a subject of comparison, you will end up with four blocks: the introduction, comparison, Contrast, and the conclusion. If your topic is about the civil war, the points of the causes you have will determine the number of paragraphs.

Type of Essay

The type of essay you need to write also determines the number of paragraphs you should use. Argumentative essays can either be short or long. Short argumentative essay only needs five blocks; the introduction, The main body has three paragraphs and a conclusion. Long argumentative essays need more blocks due to the number of arguments you want to use. Expository and reflective essays need many blocks based on the topic.

Essay Instructions

You get instructions on what is required. Here you are told the length of the paper, the parts to cover, and depth of the topic. The instructions will let you know if your essay should have a few or many paragraphs.

Grading Rubric

Essays come with a rubric that gives details about the grading method. You can see the requirements for an A grade and the D grade. It is up to you to score the best grades. This part has the number of sections, depth of grammar, and more. To get the highest grade, you will have to meet all the requirements. It means that the number of paragraphs you need should not exceed the required amount. If the rubric has no details on the number of blocks you should write, continue reading the instructions to judge the quantity they want.

The Number of Sentences Per Paragraph

The number of sentences you write will help you determine the number of paragraphs you should have. It is good to have a block with five sentences. In such a block, you need an introduction point, three sentences that explain your idea, and the last sentence to conclude your paragraph.

If there are no instructions concerning the number of sentences to use per paragraph, you can go with five.