30 Opinion Writing tips for Students

When writing an opinion essay, a writer expresses their stance on an issue. They are required not just to state their position but also back it with evidence, facts, and examples. The writer aims to drum home a point and then try to influence readers to accept them. This type of essay is one of the most common assignments for college and high school students. However, most students are found wanting when assigned such an article. This piece, therefore, aims to address that challenge. Below are some topic ideas for students, created by professional writers from service.

Topic ideas about school and sports

  1. Is your school environment friendly enough? Do you encounter challenges with bullying, homework stress, dress code, or the need for a more extended break? What, in your opinion, needs to change to make it better? Write to convince the school’s management to effect such changes.
  2. Your next speech and the prize-giving day is near, and you need to invite an opinion leader or famous person to address the students. Write to your principal proposing who you think should be invited.
  3. Do you think students perform better in single-sexed schools or mixed-gender schools?
  4. Convince your school principal to introduce a less homework policy
  5. Should sporting activities have winners and losers? Or the ultimate goal should be participation?
  6. Who is the best football player in the world?
  7. Write an opinion essay to your classmates, suggesting where to go for your next school trip.
  8. Should you betray your friend by reporting him/her to authorities for planning to cheat in exams or commit a crime?
  9. Is friendship or relationship a life requirement?
  10. In your opinion, what’s the best age for driving? Should the current required period be reduced or increased?
  11. Who has the right to select a TV channel for the family, the wife, husband, or children?
  12. Do you subscribe to a long-term relationship? How can the couples manage to stay connected always
  13. Why distance relationship is not advisable.
  14. Should people disassociate from toxic and toxic minded family and friends?
  15. Should you stay committed to a partner who doesn’t love or appreciate you?
  16. What do you think is the best way to stay healthy, good food, or exercise, or both?
  17. Which is the best to do during free periods, stay home and rest or go outing to have fun or shop?
  18. Are animals not supposed to be in their natural environment instead of zoos?
  19. Convince your friends also to read your favorite book.
  20. Should you keep the money, you found at a parking lot or turn it in the supervisors of the place?
  21. Books or digital audio, Which is best
  22. Has  technology advancement helped humanity or made us worse of
  23. Do you believe aliens exist? What makes you think so or not?
  24. Has social media created an isolated society?
  25. What could be done to curtail the spread of fake news on social media?
  26. What invention has served humanity the greatest? 
  27. What can we do to reverse global warming and its ramification?
  28. What’s your choice between automatic and manual cars, which is the best?
  29. Are sports gambling encouraging match-fixing?
  30. Why we should adopt paper bags and do away with plastics.